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Unlimited capabilities for the council

The Professionals of Business and Technology council elections are just around the corner and our list is ready to further develop the decision-making of our union! 

We have gathered a great group on our list, from recent graduates to candidates who have been in the working life for a long time, all of whom are united by the same desire to build the best and most diverse working life in the world! We also founded the "Rajattomat" election ring together with a list of IT-BBA:s. You can get to know our candidates in their entirety HERE!

The discussion about the goals on our list has been intense, but together we have come to the conclusion that we will prioritize the following things: 

We feel that the The Professionals of Business and Technology council does not fully achieve its huge potential. There are lots of possibilities, but at the moment it can mostly be called a rubber stamp, where making real decisions has become almost non-existent. This cannot continue. The council is the highest decision-making body in the Professionals of Business and Technology, and it should also act as such. The Council members should be familiarized with their role and its power and responsibilities more widely than before, so that we can ensure comprehensive participation that cuts through the entire council and discussion of common goals. 

In addition to this, we want to invest more in our members as a whole than before. BBAs are not a homogenous group of people; among us there is a wide range of people of different ages, in varying life situations and, to an increasing extent, people who speak other than Finnish as their first language. If we don't consider them in our advocacy work, how can we expect them to become part of our community? You, our members, know the biggest areas of development best, so please contact us about how we should develop the union. These are things that concern every BBA. 

We are not satisfied with the current situation and neither should you. If you want development and diverse decision-making, vote for us!

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